Wolfsgart 2014 (part 1)

Jeremy Clarkson once said, if there is a party going on and everyone is drinking very rare and expense wine, the people tend to savor the taste, letting it fill there taste buds. More worried about the taste than them actually being at a party.(Bear with me). But what is more fun is when it’s […]


The Preview

Eurokracy Montreal 2014

We always like to try new things, meet new people, drive to new places, see new cars, etc. Different is good. After speaking to Rick and the rest of the crew from AirSociety , they had us on board to attend their event Eurokracy. For storytelling purposes we can start at the beginning, Passports. We […]

German Car Day

German car day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum is always a special day come June. Larz Anderson knows how to put on an awesome event which is always organized and tidy. It is a welcome from the normal Stance car wars and battle going around in the so-called “scene” at the moment. Its almost reminisant […]



New York City Through My Eyes… 1

As soon as we stepped off the train in Penn station, something happened. I realized that New York can not just be explained through words or even pictures. But to experience New York, you have to just go there. So how am I to explain New York to anyone reading? You do it by just […]