Premier Hawaii

Before reaching our destination of Oahu, Kama, was one of the people I was in touch with regularly prior to the trip. Over the past couple months the shop formally known as STS808, went through some internal changes and wanted to have a grand re-opening as Premier. Kama took it upon himself to go ahead and get it all lined up for the week we were going to be in town.

Kama hooked it up alot, he even went pretty far out of his way Sunday morning to pick us all up from the hotel in his wifes avant before arriving at the shop to help the rest of the guys setup.

When we pulled into the parking lot it we were greeted by the rest of the guys from Premier and friends and they went back to setting up tents and tables. During that time I started lurking around the shop, and was very impressed. The thing that was awesome about it is its a one stop shop. They have a paint booth, they do big turbo setups, air installs, wheels, tires, you name it they can tackle it. One of the more recent builds they completed was the MK4 jetta they have named, the stink bug. sporting a full GLI kit and trim, a fresh respray and a big turbo setup, and a wire tuck. In general having an all inclusive shop is something that is often times overlooked. But for someone who wants to to a full overhaul it adds a huge level of convenience to the whole build.

Back to the tables and tents, FOOD FOR DAYS! These dudes do not mess around. This was a pot luck GTG so everyone that attended brought tons of amazing food, everything from pizzas, to local favorites such as pulled pork, spam musubi, Leonard’s malasadas. There was a feeling of community at this event that is unexplainable. Obviously on a small Island most people into cars do know eachother, but the fact that the european enthusiasts stay this close is awesome.

Throughout the day there were alot of fun activities going on. Premier had some new shirts they decided to raffle off, I donated a couple gengstout goodies, and Kevin brought some Euro Image shirts as well. The raffle is always a good fall back, but it can get boring. To get around this the guys at premier thought of a couple good ways to find a true, deserving winner. First, a race….a running race. Shortly after an eating contest, which was the probably the funniest part of the day, especially the when the vomiting at the end occurred.

Alot of cars made it out to the event, as you can see in the pictures. To someone from the East coast, comparing this to our events, it might not seem like much but for Hawaii a small event like this with short notice this turnout and sense of community is phenomenal.

Id like to give a HUGE thanks to our friend Anthony Nguyen for sending his pictures from Premier over for us to use. Being the second day into our trip I didnt take as many photos as I should have!