You hear people say that they have been around Volkswagens their entire life, some mean it more than others. Chris Reis has literally, been around Volkswagens his entire life. His Grandfather started this dealership in 1981, and Mattie Imports has been a second home to him since he was born.

Even at the age of 14 it was his first job washing cars, and now, 10 years later he is still a crucial part of the dealership as a Service dispatcher. At the ripe old age of 16 Chris’s parents got him this 88 GTI, known now as GOGTI .

Through his highschool years the car lived on as a 16v when he decided that wasn’t quite enough. Sourcing a 1.8t from a passat was the next step. The car was also resprayed Tornado red, twice. Once the outside was straight and the body work was on point just about everything was replaced, gaskets, glass, lighting, bumpers. He also had come across a set of porshe speedlines and had the centers color matched tornado red.

Then, the 1.8t was cleaned up and matched with a T3T4 60 trim turbo, 42lb injectors, and PES software. The car stayed in this stage for a couple years, and won first in its class at Waterfest, and the New England Dustoff. It also had a feature in Performance VW magazine.

In the winter of 2009, Chris decided to tidy up the engine bay a bit more, and unfortunetly came across some body work under the hood that was not up to his standards. At this point he pulled the motor once again, and had the bay shaved and resprayed, still keeping factory seams to keep with the oem+ theme, but deleting unneccessary holes and seam-sealer. He also decided to spray all of the rest of the engine components flat black, creating a stunning contrast when you look into this impressive bay. As of last year the car has also been fitted with a set of brand new from the factory, BBS RMs. He added 2” Polished lips all around with the factory silver face.

When Chris drives GOGTI, you will know, there is never a peaceful moment when this car is running, whether it be 2 am burnouts in the garage, or 8 am burnouts on the way to a show. Keep an eye out this season for Chris Reis and GOGTI at a show near you.


-Full Re-spray in Tornado Red
-Single round badgeless front end
-Shaved exhaust cutout with turndown
-shaved rear wiper

-1.8t swap, AEB block from passat
-T3T4 60 trim turbo
-42lb injectors
-PES Software
-Battery Relocated to trunk
-Cleaned and smoothed bay

-Vmaxx Coilovers
-BBS RMs, factory silver with 2″ polished lips
15×8 all around with 195/45/15s

-OEM GTI Recaro seats

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